Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NCETC-The Technology Race Advances

I look forward to NCETC every year. First, I get to relax after a busy Thanksgiving week! Second, I always attend preconference sessions that are worth every penny. I have learned Dreamweaver and now am entering the blogosphere. The hourly sessions during the conference are great! I always have lots to share to help teachers use new technologies. And when you can't find something interesting at the sessions, the mall calls you to get your Christmas shopping done. In the evening, there's plenty to do as well. Sleep! Dance in the lounge! Attend the Barn Dinner Theater! Casino night might send you home with a new computer!

Teachers at my school WANT to join us here. Our county offers a matching grant; the school provides funds for a classroom teacher to go, and the technology dept. offers funds for a second classroom teacher. All media and technology staff are funded by the county tech dept if they choose to attend. This year, 6 from my school are attending. Two are presenting a collaborative project developed by the media coordinator and the art teacher. They and I, the technology facilitator, used reading, laptops, and clay animation software to produce Claymation the the Art III class.

It's a great week and well worth your time. Go to www.ncetc.org to find out more!